Vaccinations important

April 21, 2014 5:56 AM

Vaccines were developed as a way to prevent deadly, contagious diseases and save lives.

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Drake campus, neighborhood rife with attractions

5:56 AM

Believe it or not, Drake is not as boring as we make it out to be.

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Environment should be a priority

5:55 AM

There is a concerted effort at the national level to reduce the use of coal, which could increase the price we pay for electricity

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Midwest offers wide array of big-name music festivals

5:50 AM

During summer, you don’t have to worry about putting off that midterm paper or calculus test to make the concert.

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Netflix fun even during Relays

5:49 AM

There is really only one true way to spice up your Relays experience: Netflix.

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Get in shape with this playlist

5:48 AM

With the Drake Relays in full swing, I thought it would be appropriate that I share one of the playlists that I used for running last summer when I actually attempted a daily running schedule.

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