How Joon-ho’s film “Parasite” recaptures the old magic of cinema

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  1. Patrick von Sychowski says:

    Very well put by Charlie and I agree completely. There is just something so compelling about this film, when watched in a cinema setting.

  2. Ruoshi Wang says:

    Comparing to Mr. Joon ho Bong’s groundbreaking “Memories of Murder” or even the frequent discussed “Burn” released last year, the movie Parasite not only fell short in delivering its potential jab at social issues but also collapsed into one of those over-commercialized formula films. Embedded with tropes and cliches (seen where the parasite family stumbled a surprising encounter with the host family), this movie is less fine “a work of art that should hang in the Louvre” than a piece of mediocre look into the complex social issues happening in South Korea.