Netflix Original ‘One Day at a Time’ Cancelled

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  1. Apparently part of what led to Netflix not renewing the show was that Sony produced it and Netflix is getting more interested in owning its content (as other producers start their own streaming services, it will become more important for Netflix and Hulu to OWN content to ensure they will have it in the future). Additionally, Netflix has a provision in its contract that ODAAT cannot be on another streaming service for I believe, THREE YEARS! These days, that’s a death sentence. CBS could pick it up but would have to air it on their broadcast network; I don’t even know if they’d be allowed to put on their website. Perhaps Netflix could be bought out of their contract, but I don’t know if anyone would put up that money.

    Additionally, I read that there were comments from potential viewers that this was a “Spanish” or “Latinx” show. For goodness’ sake! Does everyone now feel like they are simply their perceived demographic and the era of “common humanity” and reliability across genders, sexualities, ethnicities, age groups, social classes is over? I’m a cisgender white male in his early 60s and my wife and I found the show highly relatable in so many ways, regardless of the many touches of ethnicity that occasionally added depth and realism and flavor to the show.

    ODAAT deserves a wider audience. Justina Machado is a force of nature–such power and humor and emotion all in one performer. Rita Moreno still has exquisite timing, and Isabela Gomez is a great actress and comedian in her own right. The show has old fashioned sitcom roots, but addresses modern issues of identity, social, class, ethnicity, “superwoman” stress, PTSD, mental health, addiction, AND it’s totally funny. White people should watch it! Latinx people should watch it! Humans should watch it! It is one of the few shows on the air that never stoops to cynicism OR sheer sentimentalism. It’s just real people trying to stay human and even kind when they can be.

    The streaming business has given SOO much content; it’s been great. But it was only a matter of time until things started to shift. I guess we are that point. And it may cost us another season of this show that has stories yet to tell.