Early voting, a chance to participate and create a future

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  1. Allison Engel says:

    Good article, but I checked with the county auditor, and the vote total on campus (177) was about the same as it has been for early voting days at Drake during past elections. In other words, Drake students did not turn out in greater numbers for this election, which is absolutely the most important one in the past century. At Grinnell College, by contrast, more than a third of students (more than 500) voted this year on its early voting day. Drake has a total undergraduate and graduate enrollment of 4,800. If a third of Drake students voted, there would have been 1,600 votes tallied. Don’t be out-performed by Grinnell! Drake students can vote early from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. downtown at the Polk County Election Office (including this Saturday, Oct. 27 and Saturday, Nov. 3) and at various satellite locations that have shorter hours. Find them by going to the Polk County Election Office website and typing in “satellite voting.”