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XXXTentacion’s latest is a minor but tangible improvement

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  1. aye says:

    Understimate X in his rap skills isn’t a good idea. And in the song he beats joey when it comes to the flow clearly. But I think you might see what he’s capable of on his next tape with joey. The album is good, but if he concentrate in one or two genres, it’s gonna be great.

  2. WoahWoahwOW says:

    For some things, I agree, this project was not lyrically solid and Matt Ox definitely outshined X on “$$$.” However, a lot of other people and myself agree that Joey Bada$$ and X have great chemistry. I do not think that Joey overshadowed X as much as you said, because while Joey came in with great bars and an aggressive flow, X still managed to provide a good performance and hold his own with his multiple flows and energy. His bars were all right there as well.

    As for Moonlight being generic, I disagree a bit. The beat sounds like it is quite literally out of this world, and X’s vocals on the verse are really impressive. Changes is not the only song where X sounds like he is in pain, he has a lot of songs from his earlier years on SoundCloud where you can hear the pain in his voice. It is worth noting that X co-produced Schizophrenia, Changes, remedy for a broken heart, Love Yourself, and PAIN = BESTFRIEND.

  3. WoahWoahwOW says:

    Also, X’s best rapping song is Riot.