The state of the gun control, safety debate at Drake

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  1. Gene Ralno says:

    There’s a nut with ill-gotten firearms somewhere out there, planning 15 minutes of fame. A problem is the kids hear only one side of the issue, the public school side. It’s a distraction. To leftist democrats inciting kids, I’d say for God’s sake, stop protesting and protect them. Even those indoctrinated by public schools know that since 1950, only one percent of the mass shootings have occurred where citizens are allowed to defend themselves. And in Europe, every mass shooting occurred where guns are banned.

    Most didn’t have to watch the Parkland news to know two things. The shooter was angry or deranged and nobody returned fire. But a difference this time was we didn’t immediately hear the usual chant, “grab the guns, grab the guns, I hate Trump.” On the other hand, a number of rational students asked about armed security. For decades, many like myself have written and called on public school policy makers to provide physical protection at least as effective as is provided for politicians and parades.

    The days of hearing only from leftist democrats who repeatedly howl for another conversation, grab the guns and make new laws, paused for a moment. Some hoped the political insanity against guns had softened and they’d actually protect the kids. But student hysteria soon was roused again by big media. It was louder than ever and even moved the president to consider raising the qualifying age, prohibiting bump stocks and allowing teachers to arm themselves. Only allowing armed teachers has merit.

    Machine guns were banned and disappeared from private hands shortly after the 1934 National Firearms Act. But looking at the data, just a few years later, in the ‘60s, school shootings increased dramatically. Only a few years later, during Obama’s eight years, school shooting fatalities totaled 44 percent of all the school shootings in the entire 20th century. In spite of all this data and the fact that school shootings remain extremely rare, stopping them now is worth our greatest effort.

    When cooler heads prevail, we’ll realize how easy the permanent solution is. First, marshal superior force. Secondly, strike down the enemy at the gate. That’s all. It’s a simple strategy. Angry or deranged killers will be stopped or find more vulnerable victims. Senior government officials will be famous for ending school shootings. And leftists will earn their votes from inciting hysteria at other undefended places. Failure this time will prove the leftists only wish to tighten the government grip.