Guns have no place in private American society

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  1. Shotgun Mouthwash says:

    “There is only one widespread weapon that makes that possible: a gun. This amount of destruction and chaos executed by one man simply cannot be replicated using any other easily accessible item.”

    This is entirely false.
    It is easier to to build a bomb than buy a gun. You do not need a background check to shop at Lowe’s, or the Home Depot.

    Mr. McVeigh would argue my point point most eloquently

    “I could straight-up enter a gun store, run the background check, walk out with an AR-15, and commit an atrocity against myself or others. That’s unbelievable. Nothing else so clearly and obviously twisted and dystopian exists in developed society.” And so could millions and millions of other people, and yet they don’t. Ever wonder why that is? No, you haven’t bothered to look past the self righteousness that is your own ‘perfect world’ premise

    Your ‘death button’ premise is flawed as well. Guns do not kill indiscriminately. They kill based on the focus, and will of a -person-. They are not random. They are therefore ascribed no morality of their own, but only the morality of their possessor.

    Your reference to the australian buyback is laughable. Less than one third of the countries firearms were turned in during a time when the gun death rate was already (and has since been) slowly on the decline. In fact, immediately after the gun grab, the homicide rate went UP briefly.

    Your proposed ban does nothing to prevent criminals from actually still BEING armed, and would do little in way of curbing deaths, whether they are caused by police or otherwise.

    A better deterrent for stopping child firearm deaths? TEACH them the full magnitude of the firearm instead of making it some magical device they must never ever touch. There are two rules with children: they will get into everything they aren’t supposed to, and everything they are curious about. Solve those problems and your kids will do what they need to. its called ‘good parenting’ but I doubt you’ve ever heard of it.

    Some of your own thoughts, put more accurately.
    The non-existent benefits of bad journalism doesn’t come close to outweighing the immense harm that it creates.