Student Senate poised to make budget cuts across the board

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  1. Recent Drake Alum says:

    A while back, I made a comment on an article posted online about the Treasurer deciding to not collect fees from pharmacy students because “they usually aren’t on campus”, a weak excuse which applies to far more people than just pharmacy students. I said this probably only happened because Senate was doing well financially at the time, and posed the question of what would happen if the time came where budget cuts would be proposed?

    Well, that time has come, and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t care how Senate or TD spins this, these are serious budget cuts. Maybe if Senate wasn’t so concerned about thinking on their feet and actually thinking through these issues deliberately these cuts wouldn’t be so bad.

    As a side note: “The student body treasurer position would remain at $2,000, as this year was the first year treasurer was a paid position”. Are you kidding me? It that a joke? How can you say, and I quote, “If you wanted to run for this position, nothing would be stopping you because of the fact that you weren’t making enough money any more because of the time commitment”, and then be the only major Senate position to not get a budget cut just because you’re the first one to get paid? Who elected this crook?

  2. Even MORE RECENT Drake Alum says:

    Honestly who are you? Did you ever go to Drake? This happens every year and isn’t even real money?

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