Student practices witchcraft, found communities within Des Moines, Drake, internet

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  1. Josh says:

    Hey if anyone knows how I can contact her please let me know because I to practice wicca

  2. Julian p'agean says:

    Why brag about it? Why tell everyone,? A witch must keep some secrets. It begins with you. So much of witchcraft is ego and if you think witches are any better than those Christians you’ve got something coming . Pagans are total megalomaniacs and largely full of shit. I am not defending Christians but witch Braggarts make serious practitioners look stupid, airy fairy, and in need of attention. I was horribly outed as a practioner and now have to fight scorn, ridicule and outright indignation.
    And so much of the candle lighting, incense, and other oocky spooky stuff has nothing to do with real witchcraft anyway.
    If you’re a real solitary then be solitary. Tell no one and be truly free. Also, get real training and real connections. Online stuff is not anywhere near sufficient, accurate, effective or even helpful. Good luck. BB.