Activist speaks out against use of GMOs, pesticides in food production

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  1. Cin An says:

    This “exclusive” is absent any actual journalism or critical inspection of the allegations raised by Ms. Shiva. Challenges easily found with a 30 second Google search leading to highly credible sources and investigative reports. Michael Specter’s New Yorker article Seeds of Doubt addresses Shiva’s allegations noting her claims are political, hyperbolic and without basis in fact. A quick call to the many members of Drake’s science departments or the many available agricultural science experts at neighboring Iowa institutions of higher learning would have yielded quality rebuttal information providing a service to your readers – rather than serving as a propaganda amplification platform for Shiva’s advocacy. More than 100 Nobel Laureates have called Shiva’s opposition to GMOs a “crime against humanity” given access to modern ag technologies can literally save millions of lives in the developing world.

    Ms. Shiva bills her speeches at $40,000 per event (plus first-class air fare from India) – another aspect of her visit to Drake which was absent in this “reporting.”