President addresses Student Senate, engages community

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  1. Being in the 97th percentile of after graduate success is phenomenal and should be celebrated by everyone involved in our great University. What we also need to do is isolate the key reasons why this is so.
    There is nothing more important to most families and prospective students than “what is the return on my educational expenditure?”
    In an environment where there is major dialog about the high cost and low return on higher education and the enormous debt many graduates are facing, Drake needs to be proactive in showing that we are different and better.

  2. Beth LeValley says:

    I completely agree, Mr. Pettise, and I think that’s a big issue that President Martin addressed in this meeting. Even he didn’t realize the full academic potential Drake has, and he’s in the head position. Hopefully, he’ll act on that and create steps to advertise the success Drake has had in the past and currently.