Average faculty pay shows gender gap continues in the 2013-2014 school year

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  1. Will Wright says:

    What is the point of this article? In the absence of further understanding behind the numbers, this is nothing more than parroting numbers off a chart or table. I’d expect more in terms of some investigative effort.

    Is the source for the income disparity discrimination? Without delving into the numbers, we have no idea.

    From your data. . . did male associate professors take pay cuts, resulting in a decline in income of $858? Certainly not. A plausible explanation could be that male associate professors who left that position (promotions, leaving,…) were replaced with newer male associate professors who start out earning less.

    Or, it could be due to the department of employment. If universities are like non-educational businesses, supply and demand affects wages. An engineer with 10 years experience is going to make more than a communications employee also with 10 years experience. If the engineering world is male dominated and communications is female dominated, an income disparity will exist because of supply & demand and value of the position, not discrimination.

    Now, if there is a male and female engineer or communications employee with similar experience, then their pay should be equal. Then again, performance can affect salaries too. If the female engineer is a superior performer, then she should be getting paid more, right?

    Income disparity could be due to average difference in length of employment. Income disparity could be due to supply & demand, which drives “worth”. Income disparity could be due to performance differences. Income disparity could be due to discrimination.

    Research for answers. That’s reporting.