Jewett Hall EC resigns following dismissal of two residence life assistants

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  1. A concerned student says:

    I recall that another RA resigned in Morehouse, most people attributed it to the residence hall coordinator Lauren Berry, in my own interactions with the residents of Jewett it seems the students there also link the resignations to Lauren Berry. Food for thought.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A Morehouse RA did not resign, he was moved over to Jewett to fill the much-needed void there and a new RA was brought into Morehouse.

    Although I will say I have heard many complaints from students (residences and RAs alike) about Berry as well.

  3. Another concerned student says:

    I have heard the same thing about Lauren Berry.

  4. More food for thought says:

    Below is a link to the petition to reinstate the Morehouse RA who was fired last year. As a residence life professional (not Drake-related), I can sympathize with the limitations in sharing details of a termination/resignation. It means that only one side of the story can be presented, which will inevitably put things in a biased light. That being said, it is troubling to see that there have been multiple instances in which there have been some serious questions and allegations surrounding the handling of staff discipline. I would just discourage an all-out revolt when school administrators’ hands are tied in regards to sharing their rationale for requiring the resignation. Again, the history is concerning, but there will likely only be a few people who ever truly know whether the decision was justified.

  5. Former student says:

    I thought I might have heard that there were other reasons that the two staff members who were dismissed were on probation. There’s probably a bit more to this and whatever that happened most recently was just the last straw.

  6. Concerned student says:

    Lauren Berry is one of the worst people at Drake I have ever met. She’s rude and an absolute hypocrite. I see her partying and flat out drunk downtown. She walks around like a stumbling idiot. She needs to be FIRED asap. When I lived in Morehouse, she made life ABSOLUTE HELL!!

  7. Former Res Life says:

    From what I was able to gather, this wasn’t a last straw type of deal. I know at least one of the people that was forced to “resign” personally, and they are a perfectionist for a lack of a better word. It was a small oversight that was blown out of proportion which led to this. So from my perspective, I thought it was unjustified, maybe a warning or probation at best.

    With RA’s that I have spoken to that have worked under Lauren Berry I have heard the same every year. I won’t be explicit on what they said exactly, but I felt she has both negatively impacted the res life staffs she has worked with along with the res hall community as well.