Lowering the drinking age would create higher risk for teens

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  1. Peter Greening says:

    It must stay at 21.. Maybe one out of ten 18 year old kids would be mature enough to handle this privilege. Good article!!

  2. James Panagopoulos says:

    This is pure ignorance, look at the USA compared to Europe…
    We need to teach how to drink responsibly at a younger age, we need to make it cultural.
    Allow parents to give their children glasses of wine at a proper age say 13 as that is average age in Europe. The more we make it cultural the less Americans will abuse it, that is the only reason we are the way we are with Alcohol because we made it a Taboo now. So we can go to war at the age of 18, but we cant enjoy a nice cocktail or a glass of wine? That is what is wrong with out country, have a more open mindset to this and look at the results of other countries and then ours. We are our own enemy when it comes to these laws

  3. Bill Howell says:

    People wouldn’t be talking about drunk driving if lobbyists weren’t in control of this topic. The drinking age and the statistics to back it up aren’t good for Americans.