President-elect’s first order of business should be financial efforts

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You might consider doing some research. The basketball facility was funded entirely by donations, not by tuition.

  2. Bulldog says:

    While rising tuition is certainly a concern, I think this was a fluff piece. Rather than comparing the increasing tuition rate to the rate of inflation, it would be much more interesting to see a comparison of Drake’s tuition increase vs the overall rates for higher education, and specifically private universities. Perhaps Mr. Webber could enlighten us with that information rather than a frivolous comparison with the rate of inflation. The cost of higher education is concerning, but I think Mr. Webber could have dug deeper to explain why the costs are raising. It’s very easy to suggest slowing the rate of increase, but no alternatives are offered.

    As far as the statement “I think the new practice facility reeks of frivolity.”, I think Mr. Webber is completely off base here. There are two possible ways to interpret his statement, and I think he’s completely wrong either way.

    If he’s saying that a basketball practice facility is unnecessary, then he clearly has no understanding of Division 1 basketball, of which Drake is a member. Prior to the construction of the Shivers facility, Drake was the only team in the Missouri Valley Conference without such a facility. Facilities are a huge part of recruiting athletes, and Drake’s facilities were, by far, the worst in the conference. The practice facility allows Drake to be somewhere in the middle as far as facilities.

    If Mr. Webber is saying that it cost too much and that the money could have been better spent on something like repair to Olmstead, then he is blissfully naive about where the money came from. Every penny used in the construction of the Shivers Basketball Practice Facility came from donors who earmarked their donations specifically for the construction of that facility. No university funds were used.