Free vaccinations would encourage wellness

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  1. Jackie Ye says:

    Overall, this is a very good message about lowering prices to encourage a higher vaccination rate in the Drake community.

    I would like to add that as all students are supposed to have health insurance at Drake, some insurance plans allow people to get the flu vaccine, depending on the type, at no charge at some pharmacies determined by your insurance company. There are some insurance plans that think the same way already: preventative services at no charge will help encourage wellness and thus avoid additional costs to doctors’ appointments and hospitalizations. Therefore, I highly encourage others to explore the extent of how much insurance will cover the flu vaccine.

    However, not all insurance plans are created equal. Neither are the choices of flu vaccine that are available or each person. When some insurance plans don’t cover the flu vaccine to our liking, then it’s a good idea to visit the Drake Student Health Center. At best, maybe it would be a good idea that the most basic flu vaccine (the one with three flu dead strains injected into the muscle) to be 100% covered by student tuition because this type of flu vaccine is most widely available in the market and manufactured by many pharmaceutical industries.

    There are some exceptions to which the most basic flu vaccine may not sit well (and this is not an exclusive list; more is found at cdc.gov): people who fear needles, people who have severe egg allergies, and people with immunodeficiency disorders. There are other flu vaccinations to accommodate these circumstances, but they are generally more expensive because of rules of economics. The flu vaccine as a nasal spray only comes in as four weak flu strains this year (in general, adding another strain increases price), and Flublok for patients with severe egg allergies is still relatively new in the market that the supply for this is low, which will raise its price. I highly doubt that the idea of covering all sorts of flu shots available will be feasible next year until the flu vaccine market is leaning towards our favor.

    This is a great start in addressing how our investment in wellness is important as a Drake student. Hopefully our Drake community will continue to strive to be one of the healthiest states in the nation!