Students React: Ferguson Decision

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  1. Upset Citizen says:

    It’s really upsetting to see how society cant accept facts, and nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions. Only in America, can you, attack a police officer after committing a robbery, and put fault on law enforcement for taking action. Officer’s take a lot of pride in protecting and serving their communities, most of which, they also reside in. No officer wants to take a life of another human being. Nobody will ever understand the duties and responsibilities of a police officer unless you have done the job, or have an officer in the family. They risk their lives every day to keep us safe.

    It’s really scary to see the amount of people who still wont accept the findings of a grand jury. Even they are smart enough to realize there was no probable cause to indict Officer Wilson for five separate charges. You can’t charge someone for a crime if there is no probable cause.

    I will agree that our system is failing. However, I watch criminals plea bargain on a daily basis to get out of charges. I do agree that people are treated differently within the justice system by wealth, and other factors, which we need to fix.

    I feel sorry for the Michael Brown family for loosing a son. What everyone needs to learn to accept is that he committed a crime and attacked a police officer. That is what happens to anyone who would attack an officer, regardless of race. Officers are trained very well in use of force. We can sit here and Monday night quarterback every police officer’s 1/4 of a second decision. That is real easy to do when we can pick at it for hours. That officer had a blink of an eye decision to make. Officers have what they call Subject to Officer factors. If a large man attacks a small officer, and the officer feels his life could be in danger. That officer has every right to use deadly force regardless if that person is armed. That is pretty standard across the nation.

    We are lucky officers are still willing to pin on that badge, and go to work every day risking their lives for a society who wants to hug a criminal. Instead of charging them accordingly. Our society is soft and our country is being destroyed in front of our own eyes. The sad thing is nothing will ever change.

  2. Top secret says:

    I like how you can make comments, but if it’s something you disagree with and the modorator deletes it. What happened to freedom of speech???