Pi Kappa Alpha Under Investigation

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  1. Jim Noble says:

    I think if a fraternity can’t celebrate a Thanksgiving themed party, the university shouldn’t take time off for it…

    Furthemore, the university approved the theme to begin with (so who is ultimately accountable), as well as a Cowboys and Indians themed party hosted by one of our (Drakes) sororities in the past. Regarding the past, how many thanksgiving themed parties have there been in the history of Drake?

    Regardless, if YOU think it’s racially insensitive to hold a Thanksgiving theme party; you don’t need to celebrate thanksgiving, you don’t need to go, and don’t patronize a group for celebrating it the way THEY wanted, and the people that showed up obviously approved of the theme and we’re not offended… I think this was blown out of proportion because of yik yak and one person specifically, John Noble. There were two girls dressed as native americans; how is this seriously an issue? We’ve all been celebrating thanksgiving our whole lives, and all of a sudden I get to drake and it’s racially insensitive!? It seems as if this campus loves to attack fraternities for any small reason, Pi Kappa Alpha specifically. I’m honestly shocked this made it into the school paper considering how absurd, and petty this issue is. Hopefully the people who approved, who wrote the article, have never celebrated Thanksgiving, and never been to a Thanksgiving party. Because if so, you’re part of the problem. Considering thanksgiving is about one dinner bringing natives and pilgrims together, but also the celebration of enslaving, and killing natives.

  2. Beth Younger says:

    Thanks for writing about this, Times-Delphic! Great quote from the president of PIKE: “I was actually sober at the event.” Priceless.

  3. Melanie Dahlstrom says:

    This is absurd…Pike threw a Thanksgiving party, they didn’t announce a Native American theme or openly encourage anyone to dress in such a way, especially girls. Tell me the specific event in which, while representing their fraternity, they told girls to come dressed as Native Americans. Its just ridiculous how much hate they are getting for this when clearly those girls came dressed like that at their own will. They were being culturally insensitive, not the fraternity.

  4. Anonymous says:

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    1. TD Webmaster says:

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