Hillary Clinton unprepared for the Oval Office

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  1. I don’t claim to know anything about Hillary’s health, but I think she’s eminently qualified to be President of the United States. She smart, experienced, passionate and strong.

  2. Inis Magrath says:

    What is wrong with the headline writer of this article? Are you on glue or something? Did you even READ Ms. LeBlanc’s article?

    From the article: “If [Hilary] does decide to run, she has all the criteria to be a strong competitive candidate. … She has economic, political and foreign experience in government and would no doubt be more than qualified for the position as president of the United States.”

    Yet, the headline reads, “Hilary Clinton unprepared for the Oval Office.” That’s 180 degrees off from what Ms. LeBlanc wrote.

    Either the headline writer is grossly biased or grossly stupid.