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Riots at Relays unlikely despite past

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  1. Iowa State Alum says:

    How do the relays allow Drake and it’s 100 students and alums to “celebrate” its academics? It’s a TRACK MEET. As an ISU grad I resent several of the comments in this “article”. The combination of thinly-veiled snobbery and outright insults coming from Drake students, its administration and the writer irritating. This in particular is infuriating: “While Veishea is primarily known as a week-long excuse to party for the Iowa State campus”. The only people who primarily see Veishea as week-long excuse to party are people between the ages of 18-24. This sentence is just hilarious: “Administrators and students don’t anticipate rioting during the April 23-27 Drake Relays, thanks to the university’s career-minded culture and close-knit community”. Career minded culture? Get over yourselves.