Drake campus, neighborhood rife with attractions

Opinion by Sarah Coleman

SarahColeman-w2000-h2000Believe it or not, Drake is not as boring as we make it out to be. We forget about the hidden gems, cool places and fun events that are key to campus life for students of all ages. While they might be spots you go to, many students forget the versatility of many of the Drake facilities and buildings.

The Bell Center is a common spot for athletic students to take classes, play basketball or even spend some time in a racquetball court. Sometimes, all you need to switch it up is to go take a yoga class with friends or check out some equipment and learn a new sport. If playing sports is not something that interests you, go support other Drake University students by attending both varsity and intramural team sports. Keep your eye out for intramural teams as well. They are a great way to get some exercise and meet new people.

We all know the library is a popular study spot, but did you know it can be more than a place to stress out over your next test? The library has DVDs that can be checked out for a movie night with friends, or as a treat after a difficult day. And do not forget having a chance to grab coffee and check out a book for some casual reading. The library does a great job of keeping new or popular books available to students. I would suggest “I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban.”

The Olmsted Coffee Shop is a common place to grab a sugary, chocolatey, not-really-coffee Starbucks drink. But did you know you can check out items to play ping-pong or pool from the Student Life Center? Nothing fixes a dreary Tuesday faster than a smoothie and some competition with friends. Try making a bracket, and see who becomes champion of ping-pong on your floor.

Helmick Commons is the place to go when it comes to tabling. Whenever someone has an event going on, you can bet that there will be a sign or group out there. Believe it or not, that big, grassy field can be used for more than pestering you. Grab some friends and have a picnic, or find a frisbee and run around. Grab some music and look at the stars at night, or stop by the reflection pool to take a break from it all. That great, green patch of grass is just waiting to see you and your friends.

Stop in Harmon Fine Arts Center and view a show or check out the art gallery. It’s no surprise Drake has some amazingly talented people. Just look at our president, David Maxwell, whose electric guitar rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” went viral across campus in a short video. Students here do everything from jazz to opera and cover the walls of Harmon Fine Arts Center with beautiful art. Take a stroll to see and hear some of the amazing work your classmates are up to.

There is no way I can cover every great spot on campus. I encourage you to go out and explore campus and the surrounding areas. Do not be afraid to gather some friends and take a walk to see what you can find.


Coleman is a first-year journalism major and can be reached at sarah.coleman@drake.edu 

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