General Senate, executive vote counts announced

Story by Hayleigh Syens

The winners of the elections for the 28th session of Drake University Student Senate were announced Monday night.

Students voted all day on blueView for nine senators-at-large, one diversity interest senator and one senator for each college or school.

The senators-at-large are Olivia O’Hea, Benjamin Verhasselt, Krysta Thomason, Kevin Maisto, Skylar Borchardt, Kaitlin Lacek, Zach Blevins and Jared Freemon.

The new diversity interest senator is Kerstin Donat.

The new College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences senator is Zachary Lough.

The new College of Arts and Sciences senator is Taylor Floyd.

The new College of Fine Arts senator is Maura Grace.

The new College of Education senator is Erin Dobey.

There was a run-off election between Allison Richter and Daniel Creese for College of Business and Public Administration senator.

Creese was announced as the winner Tuesday night.

There is no School of Journalism and Mass Communication senator. One will be appointed shortly.

The only returning senators from last year’s session are O’Hea and Maisto. This makes the incoming 28th Session a young Senate.

Also announced were the vote counts for the Student Senate executive board elections.

A total of 1,486 votes were cast in the initial election.

For student body president, Joseph Gale received 820 votes, and Mark Reiter received 619 votes.

There were 19 abstentions from the student body president vote.

For vice president of student life, Joshua Duden received 552 votes, Olivia O’Hea received 520 votes and Joshua Schoenblatt received 280 votes.

There were 92 abstentions.

During the runoff election for vice president of student life, there were 979 votes cast, with 486 for Duden, 464 for O’Hea and 29 abstentions.

For vice president of student activities, Adam Graves received 1,271 votes. There were 109 abstentions.

Student Senate meets every Thursday at 9 p.m. in the Drake Room in Upper Olmsted Center. All are welcome to attend the meetings.

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