General senate candidates announced

Story by Paige Ernste

Elections for Drake’s 2014-2015 senate positions will take place on Monday, April 7.

Candidates have had one week to campaign and to inform fellow students of their qualifications for the available positions.

Senator candidates for each college commented on why they feel they are qualified for the senate position.

“Through my participation in various activities at Drake, I have developed many transferable skills that make me qualified for this position including adaptability, collaboration, and a better idea of student leadership and how Drake works with many of its different parts,” said College of Business candidate Allison Richter.

“I am a good candidate for the position because I offer a wider perspective. We say we live in a ‘Drake Bubble,’ but FAC is even more of a bubble.  As Fine Arts Senator, I want help break out of that bubble,” said College of Fine Arts candidate Maura Grace.

“My drive is notable through my leadership experience built from Student Senate President’s Council, Crew Scholars Program, Emerging Leader’s Model, Stalnaker’s Executive Council, both professional and social Greek Life, and also through the volunteering I do with the Drake Admission’s Office and in the Des Moines area,” said College of Business candidate Daniel Creese.

“I feel prepared to take on the position of the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences senator because I have had experience with my involvement as First-Year senator for Pre-Pharmacy students on the Deans’ Student Advisory Council, have been able to proxy for senate meetings, and I have been involved with my residence hall’s executive council,” said College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences candidate Spencer Gray.

“My involvement in multiple groups on campus makes me an ideal candidate as well as the fact that, since I am an elementary major, I spend the majority of my time in the school of education and can see and experience, first-hand, what needs to change,” said College of Education candidate Erin Dobey.

“I believe I am the best candidate because of the professional relationships I have developed with many of the administrators and faculty members in the School of Business through working in both the Undergraduate Office and the Career Services Center,” said College of Business candidate Jacob Hewitt.

“I am involved not only in the fine arts but other things on campus as well. Being involved in activities such weightlifting club and having a biology major give me a wide variety of people to talk to; thus, I can become aware of what campus members outside of the fine arts want/expect from the fine arts,” said College of Fine Arts candidate Danielle Peters.

College of Arts & Sciences candidate Taylor Floyd, College of Business candidate Zachary Britton, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences candidate Zachary Lough, and College of Education write-in Renald Daemicke did not respond to the request for comment at this time.

Senator-at-Large candidates commented on what they plan to do to improve the lives of Drake students if elected:

“I hope to increase the communication between both the student body and Student Senate, and the student body and faculty/administration. In addition, I hope to hold public forums and events where students, faculty, and administration can get together to bond and openly discuss university issues,” said candidate Krysta Thomason.

“Being an international student from Germany, I realized that there is a gap between the American and international students. I do not think that is intentional, but I hope I can help to foster an environment on campus that allows for more communication between students from all kind of backgrounds,” said candidate Kerstin Donat.

“I want to create a closer relationship between Senate and the Residence Hall Association so that the halls can be better governed and we can make the halls feel like homes. I believe I am qualified to make this change because I am currently serving as President of my residence hall and have a seat on the Residence Hall Association,” said candidate Ryan Skajewski.

“I want to get keycards for residence halls. This is an ambitious goal as I hope to overcome the security issues as well as the big financial burden of the project. This is one of my biggest goals,” said candidate Daniel Guenet.

“What motivates me in everything I do is a passion for people and I hope to use that passion to connect even more with our student body. As senator I want to work on generating student support groups and issues like human trafficking and rape culture on campus,” said candidate Ben Verhasselt.

Senator-at-Large candidates Jared Freemon, Kevin Maisto, Jeremy Price, Kaitlin Lacek, Skylar Borchardt, Keith Guenet, Zachary Blevins, and Olivia O’Hea did not respond to the request for comment at this time.

Drake students can vote on Monday by logging in to blueView and submitting ballots online.

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