Warmer weather brings fun fashions to campus

Story by Melanie Leach

Spring is in the air, and that means trading winter coats for long sleeve T-shirts, light jackets and cardigans.

During the past few weeks, students have caught a glimpse of the warmer days ahead.

Spring is a time for students to experiment and create their own unique style.

Drake University student Ethan Turner said spring is a “cross between winter and summer. It is a transition phase, so you can wear a hybrid of winter and summer outfits because you can wear outfits with less layers involved.”

During the spring you can shed the monotony of a winter outfit: boots, jeans, shirts and sweaters.

Spring is a time to accessorize. Both men and women can adorn themselves with watches and bracelets.

While women may wear bangles and other bracelets, men are continuing to wear bracelets that help with balance.

Lastly, loom bracelets have begun to spread around campus after Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity on campus, held a fundraiser earlier this spring.

Spring is a time for expression through bright colors and different prints, including anchors, plaid and floral patterns.

First-years Rainey Lecher and Sarah LeBlanc find pastels and colored pants a spring necessity.

“Spring is when you can break out the ‘pop’ pants and pretty dresses, skirts, sandals and shorts,” Lecher said.

Spring fashion is a mix of the other three seasons but highlights the bright colors important for positive springtime spirits.

Through the cold winter months, it is necessary to layer for warmth, but spring changes things and allows a person to dress in a number of ways.

“There’s a lot of leeway in what you wear. It can be cold enough for a sweater, but also warm enough for a dress. (Spring) keeps you on your toes,” LeBlanc said.

Spring is also a time to rock fun rain boots. The saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” remains true on Drake’s campus.

Because of the rain, it may become hard to plan outfits that coordinate with the gloomy conditions. It is important for students to own a cute pair of rain boots to shield their feet from the many puddles on campus.

Spring is a time to expose your toes and change your footwear.

There are many different options, depending on the outfit. Boat shoes come out when the sun is shining, flip-flops make their way around campus and sandals accessorize most maxi dresses and skirts.

After the snow melts, bright tennis shoes can make an appearance without the fear of getting dirty. As the weather warms, women pair short, solid dresses with a cute pair of patterned wedges.

Spring is a time to stand out. Where Lecher enjoys wearing boots and dresses, someone else may rather wear long tank tops with patterned leggings.

Though Turner incorporates colored shorts and button downs, others may wear V-necks and cargo shorts.

LeBlanc wears flowy tops with brightly colored capris, but some may pair lightweight scarves with plain T-shirts.

Spring is a time to be yourself.

So, whether it be a bold print, or the new pair of white pants that you bought last week, form an outfit that you are confident in.

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