Campus needs more options

Column by Melanie Leach

MelanieLeach-w2000-h2000The struggles of going to college are numerous. Besides taking a full schedule and balancing friends and other activities, many campuses have a location issue. The same applies to Drake.

Although the Drake area has much to offer, there are still many things that could be more convenient. With a large number of students lacking access to a vehicle, students must either beg for a ride, or use the bus system.

Unfortunately, the buses can only go so far.

There are several things that I wish could be within walking distance to campus.

Like many students, I got a job at the beginning of the school year. Unfortunately, my bank is back in my hometown. I have to deal with sending my checks home to my parents, and trust them with the rest of the process. Now, I know that I could easily open an account at U.S. Bank, but I guess I would rather complain.

I also love to shop. A lot. Although there are several bus routes that can take students to nearby malls, it would be nice to have a few relatively inexpensive clothing stores nearby.

An American Eagle would be nice, because the store carries all of your necessities at reasonable prices.

I am also pretty thrifty, and like to save money if I can.

Located in West Des Moines, Plato’s Closet is a second-hand clothing store that will purchase clothing from people. This is a perk, because most consignment shops do not offer cash, but offer store credit for a small percentage of the cost that your item sold for.

I think that it would be nice to have a shop like that near the college campus, because it would be a great way for clothes to be worn, and also a great way for students to make money for cleaning out their closet and getting rid of things that they do not wear.

Every Sunday is a struggle for me. I grew up attending church every week, and it is something that I would like to continue throughout college.

The problem is, it’s hard for me to find the church that is within walking distance that I truly enjoy going to.

It would be great to see a few more denominations reach out around campus.

Lastly, I enjoy exercising. Although the exercise facilities at Drake are great, spring makes me wish that I could get out and enjoy the fresh air while getting some exercise.

The bus route goes past a golf course every day, and whenever I see it, I wish that I could run there. It would be nice if there were a park with a few basketball hoops within a couple of minutes.

Leach is a first-year journalism major and can be reached at

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