Students tired of winter

Story by Nicole Dohm

Des Moines’ winter weather has been crazy this year.

Students get excited when it is 40 degrees out, but the weather does not stay very long. The very next day is a snowstorm.

Fortunately, the upcoming forecast for the week is looking up.

It is going to hit 60 degrees on Monday and Thursday.

Drake students will be excited to break out their shorts and soak up the sun.

“I am so pumped for this winter weather to be gone. I absolutely hate how the weather changes without any notice because you are prepared for different kinds of weather and then you get something else completely,” said first-year Rainey Lecher.

“Plus, it really messes with your mood. When it is cold and snowy or icky out, I tend to be really cranky, but when the weather is beautiful, you just feel so much better about everything. I am so ready for this 60-degree weather because I am tired of the cold and icy paths. On Friday, I had slipped on the path and hurt my ankle, and it just put me in a totally bad mood.”

“I am so excited for the beautiful weather because I am so tired of the cold weather,” said first-year Kayla Schween.

“I hate having to be careful on the paths because of how slippery it is. I am so sick of slipping and sliding to class every day. I am so ready for this week’s weather.”

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