Everything to know about the women’s basketball team

Column by Carly Grenfell

I’m going to put a different spin on this week’s column.

As we bus our way to Chicago for our next game, it dawned on me that I’m surrounded by some pretty cool people. As people that are so often only seen in the college-athletics spotlight, it can be easy to forget that there is much more to us than that. Remember when you were little and seeing your teacher at the grocery store felt completely out of context? It’s kind of like that.

Today, I will shed light on another dimension of our team: things you may not know about Drake women’s basketball. Three … two … one … blast off!

Mary Pat Specht

Mary Pat is the ultimate health nut. She’s the one we turn to whenever we have questions about the nutritional value of something in Hubbell Dining Hall. She’s an invaluable resource when it comes to getting the proper amount of protein in our diets.

Alyssa Marschner

What you may not know about Alyssa is that she was recently selected into a program called “So You Want to be a Coach?”

There, she will not only attend coaching seminars, but gets exclusive access to the NCAA Women’s Final Four games in Tennessee. And also, she was a national chess champion in third grade.

Bry Mueller

Bry is the oldest member of our team at age 23. Before coming to Drake, she attended the Air Force Academy for three years.

If you ever want to hear some crazy stories about her experiences there, hit her up. You won’t regret it.

Liza Heap

Where do I begin with this fine gem, Liza Heap? Liza is the only person on our team from Colorado. She is the definition of an animal lover — especially dogs. In fact, she loves animals so much, that she will eat bugs on numerous occasions. Let’s just say she is fearless on and off the court.

Cara Lutes

If you’ve ever seen someone with red lipstick and footy pajamas on in public, it was probably Cara. Her outgoing spirit is one I have always admired. In other news, she has diagnosed herself as lactose intolerant.

Kyndal Clark

Kyndal once told me that she was the lead act in many school plays as a youngster. Believe it or not, the girl can sing.

This is an exclusive talent, however. You can ask her to perform on the court, but maybe not on stage.

Ashley Bartow

Depending on the day, Ashley is three different ethnicities: Pacific Islander, Hispanic and Asian. Chances are you won’t be able to guess the right one.

She also has one niece, Kaliana, and one nephew, Kaiden, whom she loves dearly.

Emma Donahue

Emma is a Disney fanatic and future elementary school teacher. She will fit right in. Emma can even recite Disney songs, word for word, during workouts (especially wall sits). Her favorite Disney princess is Merida from the movie “Brave.” Can you see the resemblance?

Lizzy Wendell

Let’s just say that having 10 teammates isn’t much different than living at home. Lizzy is one of nine children (she falls right in the middle).

Her 8-year-old sister Grace is on the verge of becoming Vine-famous. As for Lizzy, she is just notorious for her multi-colored socks.

Caitlin Ingle

Caitlin is the only Iowan on our team. And a talented Iowan at that — especially her Michael Jackson-esque dance move that she just recently broke out.

You’ve probably seen Caitlin make it rain on the court. I personally have seen her make it rain in other ways, like her freakish “gleeking” abilities.

Grenfell is a senior public relations and management double major and can be reached at carly.grenfell@drake.edu

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