New station improves dining hall variety

Story by Paige Ernste

Photo by Luke Nankivell

hubbel_luke-w2000-h2000Hubbell Dining Hall has recently introduced a burger bar, a decision developed internally with Sodexo.

The burger bar includes various options of burger meats, cheeses, sauces and other toppings.

Burger meat options include hamburger, turkey burger or vegetarian burger.

Cheese options include Swiss, provolone and pepper jack.

Sauce options include the grille sauce, Chipotle barbeque ranch sauce and roasted garlic Dijon mayo.

Other toppings available include lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles.

“Our research shows that any time we can let our customers customize their menu items, it drives up customer satisfaction,” said Sodexo General Manager Dannie Crozier.

This addition to Hubbell has been in place since the beginning of second semester and has been successful.

“We have seen an increase in our production from the grill area in Hubbell Dining Hall,” Crozier said.

Students’ reactions to the burger bar were mixed.

“I think it’s cool,” said first-year student Sydney Watson. “I like all the options we have sauce-wise, and I also like how there are different burger options for people who don’t eat meat.”

First-year student Maddy Peter agreed with Watson.

“I think it’s good because it’s always nice to have more variety,” Peter said.

Other students thought the burger bar was unnecessary and that a healthier option should have been presented.

“I don’t know why they would add that,” said first-year student Amelia Hammond. “They should add something different. I feel like we need less fast food and more good-for-you food because I feel like everything there makes me feel heavy after I eat it.”

Peter agreed with Hammond in that regard.

“I think they need to add a fruit and vegetable bar,” Peter said. “It’d be nice to have a better variety of fruits and vegetables. I think that would be popular among the students.”

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