Bachelor may not be who we thought he was

Column by Sarah O’Rourke

Sarah O'Rourke-w2000-h2000Juan Pablo was once the heartthrob among “The Bachelor” fans across the country.

We first met him last season on “The Bachelorette,” fell in love with the single dad (and that perfect Venezuelan accent), and were jealous that Desiree got to spend quality time with him.

We all shared the same excitement when Desiree finally came to her senses and spent one-on-one time with him during that adorable western-themed group date.

We all shared the same heartbreak when Desiree realized that Juan Pablo wasn’t the right man for her and sent him home.

After such positive feedback, he was invited back to be on the current season of “The Bachelor.” But has being on “The Bachelor” gotten to Juan Pablo’s head?

When I started watching this season of “The Bachelor,” I was expecting him to be respectable, classy and a good example for his daughter, Camila.

However, after recent episodes, I’m not sure if this Latino heartthrob is as innocent as he once seemed.

First off, Juan Pablo’s one-on-one date with Renee left all fans (and Renee) extremely frustrated.

They went on a pedi-cab ride to start out the date and then went shopping. Everyone’s heart melted when Juan Pablo and Renee were shopping for gifts for their kids, Camila and Ben.

Renee had a custom dress made for her, which looked gorgeous on her during their romantic, candlelit dinner.

Seriously, everyone could feel the chemistry between them.

But Juan Pablo would not kiss her! Apparently, he wanted to set a good example for their children and refrain from PDA, which is frustrating.

At this point, we’re all thinking that Juan Pablo is just a great guy, but confused because he has already kissed basically everybody in the house.

Then we fast forward to the group date in Vietnam, which was actually more of a one-on-one date between Juan Pablo and Clare.

I guess in Juan Pablo’s book it is perfectly fine to make out with a girl on TV unless she has given birth to a child.

After taking over the group date and being the most hated girl in the house, Clare still had the guts to visit Juan Pablo for some extra after-hours fun.

We all saw them making out in the ocean and go back to Juan Pablo’s room, but what happened after that remains a mystery.

We can all speculate what happened, but no rumors have been confirmed or denied yet.

What a great way to set an example for your daughter, Juan Pablo! We all know that Camila will see this one day since it was broadcasted on national television.

The next day, Juan Pablo pulled Clare aside and said that they went “too far” and talked about how embarrassed he was.

He basically blamed Clare for the entire mishap, even though he could have put an end to it at any time.

He even said on the episode this week that he felt it was wrong. A true, respectable man would not just place all the blame on the girl in order to try to make himself look better.

The sweet, innocent Juan Pablo that we all thought we knew seems to have a sneaky and devious side.

I am curious to see what the future holds for Juan Pablo and Camila since this season is not going at all how I thought it would.

There are still several weeks left in the season, so who knows what is going to happen.

O’Rourke is a first-year pharmacy  major and can be reached at

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