Ban keeps campus clean, benefits the environment

Story by Paige Ernste

This year, Drake University decided to ban plastic water bottles on campus and installed a bunch of reusable water bottle filler stations.

According to most students, this movement has proved to be quite a success. The water bottle filling stations are a hit and most students use them on a daily basis.

“I actually like the fact that they installed these because I’ve never really been a fan of plastic water bottles. It saves a lot of money and it saves the environment so that’s good,” said Stalnaker resident Avani Patel.

“I really like them because I feel like having them right down the hall is really helpful and it makes you drink more water, which is good. And also the number thing tells you how many water bottles you’re saving so I kinda like that,” said Herriott resident Emily Birakdar.

“It’s nice that you don’t have to store water bottles in your dorm so it kind of saves space. I just need one plastic water bottle and I can just fill it whenever I want so that’s helpful,” Herriott resident Kee Gales said.

Some students however, are annoyed that plastic water bottles aren’t allowed because they prefer to drink bottled water.

Herriott resident Erica Hansen would rather buy a bunch of plastic water bottles and store them in her dorm room.

“I like my Smart water. I don’t want to have to fill up the same water bottle every day. I’d rather just grab one that’s already filled and go.”

Students that are in favor of the water filling stations mentioned that it would be a good idea to add more of them around campus. Right now, there aren’t enough. Students agree that it would be more convenient.

“I live in the basement and I have to come up to use the one on first floor,” said Gales.

“I think it’d be more beneficial if there were more because there’s not even one on each floor,” said Stalnaker resident Amy Arrocena. “It would be nice if there was one per floor in each residence hall,” said Patel.

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