Strategic Goals ‘revitalize’ Senate

Story by Melanie Buck

Drake University Student Senate accomplished a lot last semester, but it’s not done working yet.

“If I had one word to describe senate it would be ‘revitalized,’” said Vice President of Student Life Joey Gale. “We came off of one of the most successful, most progressive, most goal oriented student senate sessions that I have ever seen.”

Senate plans to continue to work on the rest of the 50 Strategic Goals it laid out last semester. More than two-thirds of the Strategic Goals are completed or in progress.

Senate completed the installation of a printer in the residence halls.

It did a test run in Goodwin-Kirk Residence Hall and is looking for funds to move forward with the project this semester. Senate hopes to install printers in all the residence halls.

Renovating the D-Shoppe space is one goal that is still in progress. The D-Shoppe is now an open space to study while Senate discusses renovation plans.

During the fall semester, Senate approved seven new student organizations: Drake Rugby Club, Bulldog Paws, Drake Men for Gender Equality, D+ Improv Troupe, ISACA Drake, TEDxDrake Club and Drake Powerlifting Team.

Senate also implemented a new requirement for new organizations that requires them to complete a ‘vision statement’ to encourage long-term goal setting. Senate plans to make this a part of the new student organization registration process.

Senate also approved Dogtown After Hours, Visual Arts Association of Drake and Drake Weight Lifting Club as the new annually funded organizations.

For this semester, it is looking to move forward with printers and proxy reader cards. Senate is also looking to improve Drake Direct.

Senate will continue working on its 50 Strategic Goals and hopes to accomplish all of them.

“We’ve accomplished a lot of things,” Gale said. “Even if we didn’t accomplish them, we have an answer for it or we know why we can’t do it or what we can do to the next couple years to get it.”

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