Comedian draws from experiences

Story by James Jolly

Drake University’s first Friday back from winter break saw Pomerantz Stage in Olmsted Center filled with laughter.

Roy Wood Jr., a stand-up comedian and television actor from Birmingham, Ala., took to the stage after a brief introduction by the Student Activities Board.

His act included commentary on fast food, pranks and college classes. His repertoire of jokes  was well received by students.

Throughout his hour-long performance, Wood covered several personal experiences, including being kicked out of two Walmarts and a zoo, being pulled over by police, developing sleep apnea and playing high school football.

Wood also talked about his college performance, fast food, football mascots, dating, Facebook, rap songs and the cold weather.

Wood responded to the audience, even when it only offered silence.

Students went to the show for a variety of reasons.

Sophomore Gregory Fry said, “(I) was going crazy staying inside because of the cold. Venturing out was hard, but totally worth it.”

Fry found Wood’s material spot on.

“His bit about pranking Walmart greeters really got me. I’m probably going to try it out now,” Fry said.

Wood didn’t limit himself to just personal stories. He also lampooned Drake and college students in general.

“My favorite part was when he pretended to be one of us,” Fry said. “When he noticed that we nodded instead of laughed, he immediately imitated us.”

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