New coffee shop to open this spring

Story by Thomas Scearce

When the on-campus Starbucks closed last year, it left many students perplexed and a bit caffeine deprived. However,  students soon can make a new coffee shop a part of their daily grind.

Scooter’s, an Omaha, Neb., based coffee chain, will be opening a shop on campus in the Drake West Village location of the former Starbucks.

Owner Steve Froscheiser is aiming for a Feb. 28 grand opening, but it could possibly be pushed back to early March.

Since its debut in 1998, Scooter’s has grown from a single shop to more than 110 stores in seven states, and Froscheiser didn’t want to miss out on this special opportunity to own a franchise of a growing company.

“Since 1998, Scooter’s has grown more and more every year. My brother and I saw an opportunity and we took it,” Froscheiser said.

The Drake University location is just one of a few Scooter’s locations that the Froscheiser brothers plan to bring to the Des Moines area. There will be one located downtown, with others to follow.

“The Drake location seemed like a valuable place. It all fell into place with our long-term goals and dynamics, so we jumped on it,” Froscheiser said.

First-year journalism and music double major Sarah Beth Coleman is anticipating the grand opening and said she feels the new addition to campus can serve a variety of purposes.

“I am so excited. Even though I like the Olmsted Coffee Shop, I want something to challenge that,” Coleman said. “I like that there are more options to choose from at Scooter’s, and I think it can be a great place to meet up with friends.”

Even non-coffee connoisseurs are looking forward to the opening of Scooter’s.

“I love trying new things. And even though coffee may not be my cup of tea, I’m sure they’ll have other tasty treats to try out,” said first year economics major Daniel Creese.

Aside from regular coffee, Scooter’s also boasts an array of espresso drinks, fruit smoothies, pastries and yogurt.

Why stop at Scooter’s instead of taking a quick drive to the nearest Starbucks? Froscheiser said he believes the unique taste of Scooter’s coffee will keep students coming back.

“You can get lattes anywhere, but the number one thing you’ll notice in a Scooter’s drink is the taste and smoothness. It’s truly a unique drink that tastes great,” Froscheiser said.

Froscheiser plans to distribute flyers and coupons in the days leading up to the opening to get the buzz regarding the coffee shop going.

“We appreciate the connection that college students play to the community, and we are hoping that once they try Scooter’s, they’ll spread the word about how they like it,” Froscheiser said.

If students are looking for employment, Scooter’s is now accepting applications. They can go to the Scooter’s website and click on the “Join Our Team” tab and search for its location.

The Froscheiser brothers hope students gain a lot from their Scooter’s experience and maintain that Scooter’s will not disappoint.

“We really hope that students benefit from Scooter’s,” Froscheiser said. “I mean if you have a few Scooter’s drinks back to back, and then go somewhere else, it will click that Scooter’s is a great drink. You will not be disappointed.”

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