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Story by Katie Ramsey
Ramsey is a first-year public relations major and can be reached at

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With the start of a new semester comes new classes and new textbooks. Where do you go when your literary list is long? To the bookstore? Maybe on Facebook? Or the Internet? I checked in with some Drake University students to see if they had any tips or tricks.

“I go online to Ebay, Chegg and the (Drake) bookstore then order my books from wherever they are cheapest,” said junior Maria Opatz.

Junior Evelyn Lashley is also a fan of Chegg. “I have ordered online from Barnes and Noble and Amazon in the past, but Chegg is definitely the most convenient way to buy or rent textbooks. The website is super easy to use, and the books come with a free mailing tag so you can send the books you rent back free of charge. This year they threw in a Redbull and some shopping coupons to make me feel better about the pile of 17 books I ordered,” Lashley said.


  • Buy, rent or sell new or used textbooks (eBooks offered as well).
  • Along with Amazon products, other vendors can sell their goods through the site as well, often resulting in lower prices.
  • Shipping costs and delivery dates vary depending on which vendor you buy from and which level of Amazon membership you have.


  • Buy, rent or sell new or used textbooks (eBooks offered as well).
  • Sell your books to the site and they will pay you for your book and then take care of the hassle of reselling.
  • Full refund of shipping costs if you books arrive late.
  • Known to send quirky gifts if your textbook load is extra heavy (Red Bull, various gift certificates).

University Book Store

  • Buy, rent or sell new or used textbooks.
  • Offers the “Best Price Promise.” Guaranteed to match the price of a verified vendor (if Chegg is selling the book for $50 and the Book Store is selling the same book for $60 they will reduce their price).
  • Easy access with location on Forest Avenue.


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