Sodexo tier myth debunked, examined at Drake

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  1. wilbur says:

    Why would Sodexo ever admit that they are serving us the lowest tier food on record? But beside that point, I really do believe that Sodexo, although it might not compare the home-cooking we get when we get home, is trying hard and that we are not getting served their “Lowest tier”. I’ve been to other campuses where the quality of food is much worse than at Drake.

    At the same time, I have been to conferences on campus where the food had to be catered by Sodexo and those foods were served at a higher quality. And I’m sure when the “important people” come back to campus (donors, Board of Trustees, etc.) or at President Maxwell’s place, they serve the same quality of food they serve at Hubbell.

  2. wilbur says:

    I’m also going to call BS on Mr. Crozier’s comment regarding the chicken breasts. Comparing Hubbell’s chicken breast to Centro’s is a joke. Many restaurants will serve their meats fresh, instead of ordering frozen bulk meat that many food service providers on campuses and schools will do. I understand that they’re trying to uphold their integrity with their business, but with some of these comments, they are just making a fool of themselves. We (Drake students) are not idiots, although we may sometimes act that way.