Opening acts rock the Living History Farms for Obama visit

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  1. oma33 says:

    This is the man for the job he cares about me the middle class and as an independent voter it gives me a clear choice over Mr Romney who doesn’t care much.

  2. NTM says:

    “What’s So Funny Bout Peace Love and Understanding” is a Nick Lowe cover, not an original, and “Hunger Strike” is a Temple of the Dog song, not Audioslave

  3. Matt says:

    The music details are really wrong. Unless “What’s So Funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding” is a different song than the one made popular by Elvis Costello, it’s not an original. This would make the last two songs his second and third covers. Also, “Hunger Strike” is a Temple of the Dog song written a decade before Audioslave existed. This probably doesn’t matter, but at least half of the people finding this article are going to care more about music than politics and it helps the latter to get details of the former right.

  4. Kels says:

    What was the other song the national played? You say they played five, but only mention: Bloodbuzz, Terrible Love, Fake Empire, and Mr. November.
    Thanks from an out-of-towner!