American and European sports: an ocean apart

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  1. julian says:

    What utter twaddle. there are hundreds (Yes hundreds of american football clubs in the uk) We are the european club champions. We play junior youth collegiate adult ladies and flag football. thats not mentioning the basketball, baseball, softball and ice hockey played in the UK. …. your an idiot.

  2. Scott mark Johnstone says:

    I am British and to be honest its not that we don’t care about your NFL NBA MLB NHL … just your American sports are just so American and feel only for you Americans. Football/Soccer is for the world and the world loves it bar one nation ! USA ! I met yanks and all they did was is slander football and call us homos or faggots cause we was not some hench bloke knocking some guy down..I think MLS with the right public relations and money pumped into could become the biggest league in the world. Your country has the money and the media to make football the greatest sport ever ! Imagine that Champions League nights with MLS best in there too. If you look at NFL over here its taking off !!! I used to wait up every weekend nights till early hours and watch NFL ! I love NFL and so do alot of us brits. I think its media coverage and ignorance that need to be sorted until our sports and your sports respective kick off in either country..