Pre-Obama speakers excite crowds

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  1. Jonny Drake says:

    If Obama wins another term we are all in trouble. He has not moved us forward at all. Obama has made it easier for people who don’t work or do anything to sit on their butts at home with free government handouts. Don’t even get me started about health care. Obama is a joke !!! Of course there is a bunch of Drake students at a liberal fest. Drake is the most liberal democratic place in Iowa, but to embarrassed to admit it. ~!!

  2. JR Johnson says:

    Oh Jonny Drake… first off it may benefit you to attend a university such as Drake, so you can learn to spell (ex. “too” not “to”). Unfortunately I will not change your mind on the candidates any more than you’ll change mine. Obama has not made the strides I had hoped for; partially due to how politics work today, largely due to the GOP in Washington who are more focused on ensuring that Obama is not successful than caring about turning this country around. But why should they… the 1% will still come out of this in good shape. Mitt’s not a bad man, just not a good choice for America.