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Letter to the Editor (2 of 3) — 5/3/12

May 2, 2012 5:42 PM

“I would urge The Times-Delphic not only to continue to provide a forum for our community to engage in discussion about multicultural understanding, but also to hold itself to a standard in which its contents — including opinion pieces — must be informed by research.”

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Capping the Quasi, allocating one-time-funding to Senate

5:41 PM

Although the year is winding down, the penultimate meeting of the 25th session of Student Senate certainly was not short on agenda items.

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Charging up the DU security vehicle fleet

5:39 PM

Students have been seeing security personnel driving around in Dodge Chargers.

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New records set at a sold-out Relays this year

5:38 PM

Strong performances earned athletes recognition

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Security Reports — 5/3/12

5:35 PM

Stay caught up on what went down this past week.

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Letter to the Editor (3 of 3) — 5/3/12

5:30 PM

“Who are you to tell me whether I should have a drink or not?”

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Letter to the Editor (1 of 3) — 5/3/12

5:26 PM

“A lot of us tend to think that issues of racism and discrimination are things of the past”

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Things to do, places to go in DSM

5:21 PM

Des Moines offers a variety of attractions for those in the area over the summer. From art festivals to cupcakes, DSM has plenty of things to experience.

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Study abroad junkies continuing to travel

5:18 PM

One trip abroad was not enough for these travelers

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Top 5 Drake Intramurals moments

5:16 PM

Untold intramurals stories from years past recalled

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