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Traditional Indian dances featured at competition

February 29, 2012 6:13 PM

Trip organized by SASA to attend dance competition, Nachte Raho

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Unseen student leaders on campus

6:12 PM

We were all told it when we visited Drake: This school will offer every student an opportunity to take on a leadership position.

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Debate over English as official language

6:11 PM

Controversy over official language in America hits close to home for some

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Sick of Hubbell inconveniences, allergy station

6:10 PM

Here it is. My complaints that I have had bottled up inside, and it has come to my attention that almost everyone has thought the same things as me.

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Hey, baby, what’s your number?

6:04 PM

Behold! I present to you the latest toy for small children: cell phones. Yes, it’s true. Gone are the days of our distant youths when trains, dolls and teddies were the playthings of choice.

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Jane Hoe: Ooh, aah and the sounds of womanly moans

6:01 PM

Well, I’ve finally caught some flak for what I’ve written (took ya long enough, Drake University). As disappointing as a premature ejaculation, your reactions to my column and subsequent lack of sexual questions have brought me to figurative tears.

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Women’s roles expand in armed forces

5:48 PM

Problems still exist for women in combat

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High school students taught to test, not to learn

5:46 PM

Many recent high school graduates enter regular college classes but quickly have to change into remedial classes.

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A year in advance, J-Term fair prepares all

5:44 PM

Many other schools have additional academic terms, like a January Term or May Term.

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Security Reports: 3/1/12

5:40 PM

Stay caught up on what went down this past week

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