The Bowl Championship Series continues frustrating fans

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  1. Jim C says:

    If every game is a playoff to you, then Oklahoma State lost a chance to Iowa State.
    NO ONE is responsible for this outcome than Oklahoma State, so BLAME them, not the BCS , or Alabama.
    Besides , Oklahoma State will lose to Stanford and LUCK anyway, so the question is moot!

    BTW, I remember a time when the #1 and #2 never met in the post-season. NOT until the BCS came along!
    What’s that? You still want a playoffs? Ok… Just WHO makes these playoffs? the top 16 teams. the top eight? Who decides who these top 8 teams are? Their seeding?
    ANOTHER set of March madness arguing that sounds a a lot like March madness for basketball!
    Remember, Alabama missed 4 field goals in their game against LSU!

  2. Jim C says:

    People like you, who want to see a playoffs at the end of the year based on wins and losses, haven’t a clue what their asking for.
    Teams would leave conferences and/or schedule panty-waist teams all season to show a better win-loss record. We would very rarely ever see a good game until the post season!

    An Arkansas-Oklahoma State game in the Cotton Bowl makes more sense to me.
    Both are local teams; OKie St. lost only once to a peewee team, Arkansas lost only twice to #1 and #2 and away from home.Yet the Razorbacks are NOT going to the BCS games
    Both are high scoring teams and would be great game to watch.
    A loss by Oklahoma St. would mean they would have probably finished 4th in the SEC West!

  3. Jim C says:

    What’s the matter? No response?

  4. Jim C says:

    Stanford will clearly clean Oklahoma State’s clock!
    The offense of Oklahoma State is fine for them, but the defense can’t stop the running attack of Stanford, who as you know, can do a bit of passing as well. In fact, OK. St. is ranked somewhere in the 100s against the run!
    This will make Okla. St. a one-dimensional opponent against Stanford , who is a balanced team,with good defense.
    This could get ugly!