Discussion over SAB allocations dominate senate meeting

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  1. Jon McDonald says:

    I agree with Senator Pritchard. Quality trumps quantity regarding campus activities. For a second it seemed like there was a glimmer of hope for improved events on campus.

    During my years at Drake I have seen a strange mix of events on campus, and I’ve also been aware of opportunities that have slipped away due to a poorly allocated budget and irrelevant events already scheduled.

    I know artists who have gone through the NACA conference and have seen both sides. It allows b-list talent to get pushed through the college circuit to get some students to an event on some night during the week.

    What about bigger concerts like when Motion City Soundtrack played in the Knapp Center? Why can’t we shoot for events that would actually excite students rather than being “something to do” because we’re not feeling Apples to Apples in the dorm again?

    I would strongly urge SAB to look beyond the NACA entertainment buffet and invest in talent that is relevant! What about Des Moines talent? We have great local bands that could put on an amazing show and also connect with our community. Even beyond music, SAB could expose students to the talent of the surrounding area.

    To clarify, this article says that SAB was granted a total of $4000+ to attend the conference(s)? At least some students are enjoying use of our activity fees.