Acknowledge troops and war, bring soldiers home

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  1. Micah says:

    I understand the pain that is caused by the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve been there, I’ve seen it, but there is a bigger picture that the majority of Americans cannot see. Whether they refuse to do some homework or they are just plain ignorant. There is so much going on in the world that Americans have no clue about. There is so much happening that even people like myself who spend half of each year in the middle east dont even know about. if the general American public could even see a qtr. of the big picture, I assure you, they would change their minds about bringing the troops home. You have no clue the chaos that would ensue if we were to leave Afghanistan, we will soon see if we left Iraq too soon. Wake up, do your homework before you start preaching to bring the troops home. We have to do more than just sit on our land and shoot at people that come to harm us. Its not anywhere near that simple, and it wouldn’t work. Those that fight in the US Armed Forces choose to do so. They choose to do so because they have done their homework, and have realized how important is is to fight. Not just fight on our soil, but on “their soil”. I commend your desire to support our men and women of the US Armed Forces, but I suggest you change your tactics. Don’t support them by claiming “It’s time to bring them home”, that does’nt support anybody but yourself and your ignorance about the war. Support our troops by finding out how they truly need support. Find out what they really need. I promise you, they dont want the American public crying for them to come home, for one because they are not going to come home any time soon and for two, its not encouraging. Our troops need encouragement, love and connections. Do your part in this war…do your homework. Send your love and encouragement to the brave men and women in Afghanistan.