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Security Reports: May 5, 2011

May 4, 2011 8:17 PM

Security and the fire department responded to Goodwin-Kirk Residence Hall based on a fire alarm. It was determined a male student had tried to cook rice cakes and the pan of oil got too hot, resulting in smoke which activated the alarm. The room was ventilated by opening sliding glass doors.

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The Royal Intern

8:11 PM

Junior’s study abroad internship gets him up close and personal with William and Kate

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Current Deputy Provost to assume interim position

8:09 PM

Sue Wright will take on role beginning June 1 until Renner’s successor is found

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Candidates for sexual violence response visit campus

8:08 PM

New position will help create a 24-hour hotline for victims of sexual assualt

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The finals countdown: Exams start Monday

8:06 PM

THIS YEAR’S EXAM SCHEDULE can be found on the Drake website by going to the Current Students page, then clicking the Student Records link in the Campus Resources column. Next select the final exam schedule link found in the menu on the left side of the screen.

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Last two weeks for Student Senate busy ones

8:06 PM

BSC funds debated, organizations approved, $4,248.80 allocated

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Tips for getting your study on during Finals Week

8:02 PM

Once you’re ready to hunker down for a night of studying, follow these tips to maximize your full potential and remain productive all night.

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SAB helping students relax with free massages

8:01 PM

Come relax at Pomerantz Stage between 12-3 on Friday for free, five-minute massages.

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Letter to the Editor: Act of violence no reason to celebrate

7:59 PM

In response to Osama Bin Ladin’s recent death.

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In defense of Campus Fellowship

7:57 PM

O’Donnell is a Secondary Education major and can be contacted at “If you were to die tomorrow, how sure are you that you would go to Heaven?”  The first time a member of Campus Fellowship asked me this, I had a response involving my desire to effect positive change […]

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