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  1. Kieran says:

    I’ll respectfully disagree with you on one point – I don’t “like to think” that there’s a higher power out there. If there is, he’s either impotent, unable to prevent suffering (which might cause us to rethink the “higher power” description) or callous, unwilling to prevent it. Certainly, if there’s a higher power that in any way resembles the monstrous god of the bible, I’m more than happy to align myself with the honourable opposition.

  2. Egbert says:

    May I suggest The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins? It is a rational view of atheism, from a scientist. If you enjoy something a bit more literary and heartfelt, then God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens is also a valuable read.

  3. Gordon Hide says:


    I guess your position is difficult to define. “I would like to believe that there is something out there” says that you don’t actually believe there is something out there. So I guess, technically, you are an atheist. This does not prevent you also being agnostic. Uncertainty is a good if uncomfortable state.

    There are a fair number of atheists who seek meaning in existence which is where I think you might be coming from. Be careful. Those who fail to find such meaning are sometimes affected by depression and a descent into nihilism. A larger number of atheists have accepted they have to give their own lives meaning by their actions. Interestingly there are atheists who don’t feel the need for purpose or meaning so it takes all sorts.

    I was interested to read your story and I wish you good luck.

  4. Walter says:


    The first thing I ask people when they want me to believe in their god is whether or not their god is both all powerful and all knowing. If they say their god is both (and most of them do,) I tell them their god is a monster.

    If a god is all knowing. He is watching little Sally get raped by her father. If he is all powerful, he is capable of stopping it from happening. Any moral being who witnessed something that horrible, and was able to stop it, WOULD stop it. Because their god does not stop that kind of evil, their god is a monster.

    And I don’t believe in monsters either.