Relays Edition

Des Moines makes pitch to be Track Central USA

Comments (5)
  1. giveit up says:

    terrible place for a track meet, like a ghost town at the track.

  2. zach says:

    I hope they get the trials….Nike has turned Eugene into a sportcentric cesspool.

  3. nevergiveup says:

    Anyone who has been to this meet, whether as a spectator or athlete knows that this meet is special. Its a one in a lifetime experience. Hopefully it will continue to get a chance show people what a terrific place it is to compete.

  4. trackie85 says:

    Go for it..I participated in the Drake Relays for 4 years and enjoyed every moment. I think the atmosphere is awesome. I like the name Track Central USA

  5. will says:

    Yeah, but when they hosted USAs last year, the stands were almost empty.