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Bulldogs blogging from abroad

February 27, 2011 6:42 PM

Drake students have blogged their journeys throughout their time abroad

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Senate resolves to reevaluate Activity Fee

5:48 PM

Senate approved a new student organization and passed two pieces of legislation proposed by the student body treasurer at Thursday’s meeting.

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Proposed cuts to Pell grants hurt

5:46 PM

Drake students might need new financial aid

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Glee + Karaoke = Gleekeoke

5:43 PM

Find your inner Gleek in this slushie-free zone

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Poetry group provides opportunities

5:41 PM

Public readings get poets’ names in the community and a chance to improve

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Prepare for the party

5:39 PM

“We’ve all seen the couple (or been the couple) that didn’t even make it on the bus or through the door”

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(515) Texted last night

5:37 PM

Thanks to the popular website Texts From Last Night, a lot of the mistakes we’ve made over texts have been blasted to the World Wide Web.

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Local bike shop repairs old cruisers

5:33 PM

Ichi Bike also sells limited edition clothing such as shirts, jackets, socks and miscellaneous items like wallets, stickers and art.

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Instant movie streaming provides procrastination tool

5:30 PM

A look into movies students should consider watching on Netflix Instant Play

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Soltanovich cracked students with stand-up performance

5:28 PM

The Student Activities Board’s event, which took place Feb. 25, was sponsored as a part of the spring comedy series.

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