Greek life, a way of life

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So… what was your point exactly? You’re part of the Greek System, yet you can’t defend it’s worth. Obviously you haven’t understood the true meaning of a sorority. I like that you take the time to mention that there are always exceptions to the stereotypes, and infer that only a few girls can create a stereotype — however, image is NOT everything to a sorority girl. She takes pride in her membership, her involvement, and her strength. She is an example of a bright, young woman. Until you realize that image is not important, and it’s the girl who is, you won’t ever fully appreciate what you have…

  2. Anon. says:

    “For sororities, image is everything,” and it is with this first sentence that the entire article is summed up. Individuals who partake in Greek Life should be upset at this shallow portrayal. Yes, in every house there is the token “brainiac” who stays in and studies, and the token “wild child” who slips on her own vomit at Dublin. I was not expecting to open up the TD this morning and read about current political uprising in Egypt, but I also was not expecting to be subjected to the superficial ramblings of a sorority supporter. This author is correct, Greek Life is a way of life—and by extension— a way of thinking. This article makes it clear that the Greek way of thinking barely scratches the surface.

    1. Prttygreekchick1578 says:

      Wait?! Non-greeks can’t buy Adam Block tank tops, Right?

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Together they make the Drake Greek system what it is — a group of people that, in the face of great adversity during the last year and a half, has continued to grow and thrive, not only as individuals, but also as a whole”

    What adversity? And how have you as people grown? Please, do tell.