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Senate backs new paper certification process

January 30, 2011 5:51 PM

The resolution passed by Student Senate during the first meeting of the semester put Senate’s stamp of approval on Drake Environmental Action League’s latest aspiration to positively impact the ecosystem.

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Celebrate Drake inspires sequel

5:47 PM

Dogtown After Hours event will be a competition

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New website receives positive feedback

5:45 PM

Marketing and Communications unveiled site’s new look in January

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Student Senate returns to a full agenda

5:41 PM

Senate’s first meeting of the new semester included a handful of funding requests to various student organizations and a resolution proposed by the Drake Environmental Action League (DEAL) to raise the minimum standards of post-consumer waste (recycled materials) found in paper bought by the university.

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Career Fair gives all students a chance to network

5:39 PM

The Drake University Career Fair will be held this Thursday in Olmsted Center from 3-6 p.m.

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Distortion of a sense of a word

5:36 PM

The death of words is on the rise, killing Webster one page at a time

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Playing the God card

5:27 PM

“These stories cause many to generalize all Christians as ruthless and heartless. Not only are these people giving all Christians a bad rap, but they are also complete hypocrites.”

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Cooking for a super Super Bowl party

5:24 PM

The Drake Student Activities Board sponsored the Super Bowl Cooking Show Thursday night with items such as turkey chili cheese fries and spicy queso dip.

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International Night a success

5:18 PM

Students gathered in Sheslow Auditorium to enjoy every culture represented at Drake University

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Colorado band dazed students Friday

5:16 PM

This past Friday at 8 p.m., the Student Activities Board hosted a concert on Pomerantz Stage featuring The Heyday. For the next hour, upper Olmsted was filled with the pop/rock songs of this up-and-coming band.

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