Letter to the Editor: Response to DUIN Magazine

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  1. Archie Love says:

    Oh boy, oh boy. Another Sorority girl defending tooth and fake nail her Greek lifestyle showing how true the DUiN articles words are. Becoming the minority? Get real sister friend, it’s a good half and half. You know it, I know, Sentwali Bologna knows it. Academic excellence and leadership? The majority of you “charity philanthropies” involve hidden flasks, drunken stupors, and throwing up.

    Sure stereotypes were clearly not intended, that’s an irrelevant point to point out. Clearly not intended but they are here now and you “sisters” don’t do anything to break them. So how is the author of DUiN in the wrong for pointing out the truths about your cult lifestyle?

    “The community wants potential members to feel welcome and to try a completely new way of living life.”



    How much cyanide did you put in the punch? My goodness gracious.

    “You probably did not learn that we pledge ourselves to sisterhood, loyalty and living a higher moral life. ”

    Higher moral life…by taking all the younger kids to the bars? Having social parties, crushes, formals, and date parties with other fraternities that all involve underage drinking?

    “We wear our letters because they mean something to us, we believe in them and they are the promise that we make to our chapter.”

    No you wear your letters with an arrogance. Sure YOU might wear them because of all the fairy tales and rainbow reasons you listed but the majority do to act like they are better and to feel like they belong to something. It is an escape from reality because your sisters cannot cope with the real world. So buying friends was the way out of it.

    Grow up ladies and put on your hiking boots, because this mama caboose ain’t makin’ no mo stops along the hillside.

    Good day to you Cult Leader Omega.


  2. Way to go says:

    So, that last comment was the most hilarious and true thing I have ever read.

  3. Mr. X says:

    Can I get a Hallelujah? Yes. Awesome.

  4. Observer says:

    The above comment is AMAZING!!!!!!!! So true!!!!!!!

    You’re a cult. Not only are social sororities and fraternities cults, they brainwash you all into little clones who are in complete denial of their capabilities to handle the real world.

    You’re not equipped for society. Go back into your little sorority hole and stay there.

  5. DJ Reflex says:

    Amen to above.